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Brand Introduction
Suzhou solid technetium was established in November 1990, is China's electronics industry semiconductor ten well-known enterprises, high-tech enterprises in Jiangsu, China Semiconductor discrete devices Association, vice president of enterprises. Suzhou goodark is domestic semiconductor diode industry the most comprehensive and complete design, manufacturing, packaging and sales of manufacturers, from independent development to various front-end chip package technology is finished, forming a complete industrial chain. The main products include the latest packaging technology leadless integrated circuit products and discrete products, automotive rectifier diode, power module, rectifier diode chip, silicon rectifier diodes, switching diodes, zener diodes, bridge rectifiers, micro protection fuses, photovoltaic module bypass consists of more than and 50 series, more than 1 thousand and 500 varieties. Products are widely used in aerospace, automotive, green lighting, IT, household appliances, as well as large equipment power supply and many other fields. Design, research and development of solar cells silver paste and a variety of electronic paste, research and development and large-scale production of new types of sensors in the field of things.
Product Series
Diode, rectifier, voltage regulator tube, military fuse wire etc.
Application Areas
Consumer electronics, lighting, electronics, instrumentation, communications / networking, industry / automation, military / defense
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