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Brand Introduction
WINSOK is a professional power semiconductor components and analog IC design company. Through the continuous innovation of products, combined with market demand to constantly accept new challenges, continue to lean deep technology research and development. Committed to providing excellent design and reliable performance of products, with rapid response and service to meet customer needs. Create value for customers and employees. And maintain continuous accumulation and breakthrough, open up sustainable and permanent development. Let WINSOK make a contribution to the global intelligent process, and then become the world's outstanding design company.
Product Series
Professional power semiconductor components and analog IC
Application Areas
Field effect tube (low pressure field effect tube, medium pressure field effect tube, high pressure field effect tube); Power management (AC-DC converter, DC switch regulator, linear regulator, LED driver, battery charger IC, battery protector) IGBT power tube (IGBT single tube, IGBT module, IGBT component, IGBT bare piece, automotive certification IGBT)
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